Highest paying affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing refers to the online marketing hub where a third party (owner of the site) offers their services for a price as an arbitrator. Such an online market consists of 4 major pillars: sellers, buyers, publishers and the third party itself. This new method of marketing is gaining popularity as a useful tool in strategic marketing.

You make a profile with the affiliate market sellers and find prospective business suppliers, dealers, publishers and Market analysts. The third party or the site hosts would connect you to the contacts that you require to succeed in a business venture. Like a big shop that is neither directly related to the customers nor the brand it sells, but a third party that, for a small price, arrange the products to reach the customers.

All-in-one profits affiliate program

All in one profits affiliate program is one such affiliate marketing suite that merges all your basic business needs in one package. This package (on a budget) helps you get good quality web hosting, helps you with auto responders, connects you to advertisers/publishers/ products and services for your use but also enables you to earn money from it.

There are two types of All-in-profit membership; one which is the basic level that charges you with $11.5 to make you a member of the system and Pro membership that charges you with $21.73 but gives you a tension free all in one solution to your business problems.

How does it work?

Step 1: You sponsor a referral and he/she becomes your downline

Step 2: You sponsor as many referrals as you like and the first, third, fifth ie the odd number of referrals start becoming your direct referrals and the even ones like 2nd, 4rth and 6th becoming the one who sponsors you.

Step 3: You will earn at your first referral a commission of $10 thus almost recovering your initial investment to join the setup.


How does it benefit the marketer?

  • Cheap: The rates at which All-in-one profits deal is nowhere about the same amount as one would have to pay if they buy hosting, auto recovery and marketing services separately.
  • Useful: A solution to all your problems on a budget, it saves a lot of time and headache trying to individually recruit professionals.
  • Less effort: Less effort in recruiting and more manageable as all of your contacts will communicate and contact at one place, thus involving less hassle.
  • Everyone makes money: It a win-win situation as the one referring (Sponsor) is gaining an equal amount of advantage as well as money, as the one being referred (Down-line).
  • Easy to use: The interface is quite simple to use so the people who are not too comfortable with the use of advanced technology can also use it.
  • Initial investment return rate high: The initial payment of $10 is covered as soon as the person makes his first referral so the rate of return is high.
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You can also watch my YouTube training video that will show you step by step on how to set up auto-responder campaign so that you can start building your list and your income –


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